We are born with many a questions in mind; needless to say we are born with that same mind. of course that mind is never the same after each day passes or perhaps even after each moment flows.

we seek truth. we try to deal with the reality of each lifetime. and yet, we are more confused each day. it’s not a bad thing, at the end of the day. the days flow. life’s beautiful current always streams.

loneliness is there. being alone as well. aloneness is what we lack at times; either lonely or not. individuality though, is the final goal; independence is the last stop.

we write if we can to talk of life and its so many colors. this blog was initially called “La Vie En Toutes Les Couleures” and that’s where this need to express was born. It then turned into “LifeSpect” and its ultimate development was “Persian Bard”. Because these tales are shared with you from an ancient land of mystery called Persian and through the mouthpiece of a soul which has been a bard in so many lifetimes.

Because we are all Timeless and so is the beauty of Life’s every living moment.

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