The Light


In a world
Where good intentions
Are taken
For malice-

keep trace of
The moon
You call me
A lunatic
That bites

I’m lost in
Between what is
And what if
And also what
There was

The mirror’s
Foggy feeling
And opaque-ness
Not caring
If I sighed
And drew on it
An eye

The truth is
That we lie
We look us
In the eye
Forever lies

And then the
That binds
The darkness
That defies
Our fears
And demise

We falter
We let go
Of intention
And of love
We just go
Knowing nothing
Feeling awe

The sun though
Shines again
Every single
Day it shines
And spreads
Its rays of truth

The moon is
Always present
It shines its
Gleaming glow
It’s present
And it watches
Through the dark

It’s maybe time
That I awoke
High time that
I resigned
The sordid waves
Of hatred
The ignorance
Of must

The choice
Is moving
To stars
Their shining

I care not
If one chooses
To close
Their eyes
And die

I’m here
To meet the light

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