Note to a prior self

echoes_by_reality_must_die-d5xofjjArtwork: ‘Echoes’ by Reality Must Die

You say that your shit is real. Well, so is mine. It’s just that my shit looks very different from yours. You see, my shit has been about dropping out of the ‘serious’ world along with all that the ‘serious’ man has established in it; all that has lead us where it has and to that which there is. The shit which I am referring to is a playful, childish one in whose clarity and purity I would delightfully take pride.

The joy of getting rid of all inhibitions and don’ts, the presence of all possibilities, dreams and hopes. If this is said to be “clinging to mere delusions” then let it be! Is not spending a lifetime, trying to stay inside the frame also an illusion and a bitter one no less? Do we not have a choice? Is it not I who choose to create the reality of my life by means of my own unique imagination? Is it not we who choose to see life and the world in this particular way that we do?

Then, why make moments bitter? Is it for a better cause? Can you think of a cause, better than joyfulness and love for life? Is this being ‘serious’ causing you happiness and joy? Is it or is it not?

Why make it bitter for you or any soul that walks this earth? There is coffee for that! Have we not had enough of judgement? Some have chosen to call it criticism! Who has given us the position to criticize one another? Needless to say, it IS one of the billion choices we have been granted to make, but have we ever paused to ponder if our critique is necessary or even wanted by he who listens or that who doesn’t? Do they even want to hear it?  Needn’t we simply shut up at certain moments and only breathe and let it be? I only ask, I merely wonder…

Would I choose to make life bitter by expecting others to see matters how I have chosen to see and perceive them? You see, we look at things very differently; Realizing this very point, could be the outset of mutual respect, the beginning of acceptance, the emergence of letting go.

Let’s agree, let’s disagree, let’s not give a fuck when we don’t want to. Let’s explore the possibility that some of us are more awake and perhaps even more evolved. Let’s try to see the differences that very clearly exist in an effort to digest one another’s madness.

Our traits make us who we are; you choose to be conservative, you value tradition, you praise social etiquette, you cling to “the establishment” and decide to be part of “the system”, Just as someone chooses the exact opposite of those values and cherishes them.

A soul’s concern might be that of a cosmic level while yours might be more on a ‘regional’ level. Our worlds are created in various sizes and colors. Shall we choose not to enforce our world and our thoughts on any soul? This enforcement could lead them away from their own journey; the universe that they are living to create every day.

There are things about my demeanor that could agitate you, get on your nerves. Why? Find the answer within. They are devoid of me, those concerns. They have to do with you. It’s a very old-fashioned notion called ‘Projection’. Just as I am to a degree projecting here, into this mirror of thoughts and words, black and white, Regurgitating my mentality and self.

To have the ability to tell honesty from lies. Our eyes can rarely ever lie! Shall we not choose to put up with one another’s shit if we really must and try not to make each other become that which is neither us or the other? Basically and alien, lost, trying to please rather than be.

I am not here to please anyone or make anyone happy. If it happened that I became the means for either of those to happen, that is just fine; but still not the reason that I am here.

At the end of all this, say to my: fuck off you many-toned philistine! That could be your choice as well. But please, whatever you have to say, say it to my beautifully self-contradictory face and let’s have a dialogue sometime about all this, over some bitter coffee.

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