Artwork: Times of transition by Michelle Jader

Dear those who dared to die,
Was it painful or-
A moment of divine?

What was the thing that died?
Our soul, the self, the mind?
Or something not defined?

How did it feel?
A transition to beyond?
Or a circuit to go back?

Oh I’ve also thought of death;
Time and again….
This oblivion of awe.
The candle’s quiet calm.

So tell me, did you find it-
That thing-
Our soul has sought on end?
I know you were a seeker.

Of adventure
And of love.
I know you sought the light-
Even though you called it life.

Do we make it when we leave?
Does this limbo cease to be?
Do we shiver? Do we shine?
Do we get to feel alive?

Is it a notion of forever?
A glimpse of what is right?
A veil of nonexistence?
A remedy of hope?

Why do photos look so-
Different, when we die?
The look that we behold-
Does come from other realm.

A meaning hard to find,
A notion so refined.
Translucent, resilient,
And gone.

Something adds up-
To us all.
One thing leaves-
Another lights.

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