Dear Diarrhea


Dear Diarrhea,
You resemble
Things that fade

Like the burden
Off my shoulder
The painful gift of awe

This promise was
For me
The moment though
Was not

As autumn that
Does bring
A turning point
For life

A death though
That recedes
Through liveliness
Of light

You killed a part
Of me
That hadn’t lived
For long

You awakened
Certain feelings
That were tricked
By true beguile

Many moments
Many times
I have died on end
Been gone

I am interlaid with
This I’ve know
For very long

Through decisiveness
Of presence
You that showed me
I resign

This promise
Was for other
This moment
Wasn’t mine

Feeling selfless
Was a blessing
And the reason
For this prime

My darling diarrhea
This assassin
Of good

You took away
My presence
It faded:
My ‘oh-I-don’t-know-what’!

Now doubtful
Once again
This lifetime
Does lead on

There were things
I used to know
Now nothing
Do I know

Once again
I am a child
And overwhelmed

Of monsters
And big people
Giant spaces
And the world

I’m scared
Of diarrhea
And all that
Fades away

I have faded
Have been vain
But this can’t be
All in vain

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