Talking Closet


I used to think-
You’re gay…

Or that you-
Just didn’t know-

If you were gay-
Or weren’t gay.

Today, one thing I know:
That you really never cared…

With who you laid-
In bed.

Didn’t matter whatsoever;
Never had.

Inhibitions were the reason;
Impediment and fear.

Why you wouldn’t-
Do the things…

For which your soul-
Would yearn.

You awaited-
Certain favor…

So that you-
Could fall in love?

You waited-
For a lifetime…

So that someone else-
Would do…

What you’d wanted-
For an era,

What you’d wished for-
To be done.

They did it now-
They won.

A battle-
Of their own.

What happened-
To your days?

Your countless minutes-
Of the drown…

Your stifles of desire-
Your stranglements of love.

They won, they won-
They won.

And you, my friend-
Come on!

You do know-
What you want.

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