Music of Rubbles


Still lost-
In rubbles of the thought.
A rebel was I not?

Doing things that I have done…
Very safely doing none.

Debris I am; remains.
Broken bricks,
A walk of shame.

Trying every moment;
Doing things I only know.

Hiding things I feel,
Observing things within.

What I need to know,
The stuff I have to find,
Paths I shall on walk,

‘Where?’ I ask
And ‘when?’

I need things whereon I fall,
Things that walk.

I need to never need,
Never using-
Words like this.

But that I do.

Cause I’m rubbles,
You remember?

I’m no maverick-
At this time.

So should I not remember?
Or remember-
To forget?

The stars-
Have ever proven:
Their existence-
On my days…

They do so still.

I lie, I lie, I lie!

What if-
You have never lied?
That it’s me-
Who’s been very very blind?

What if this-
Is yet another lie-
That I penned-
So that I could feel-

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