Bearing Days


Don’t gather.
I know as well…
How no one has to know;
Even though they know,
They know.

Don’t die.
I also feel it…
The pain in killing life;
Even when you do it,
Take its life.

Don’t cling.
It’s shaped on end this thought…
How someone needs to breathe;
Even though they don’t,
Or do they try?

The fire needs the touch.
Oh the thunder needs-
To breath!
If even through-
A breeze.

Is the reason for the-
Glow of blazing stars.

Hold the hands-
Of a wanderer-
Who’s lost.

The flow of doubt-
In heavens,
Dangling through-
The dare.

Dazed and dull-
And dreary,
Dreading dreams-
And bearing days.

Till tomorrow-
Shall we wonder-
What this moment-
Might’ve been?

So reliant-
On the linear,
Learning none-
And leaning not.

They are everywhere-
The stars.
You may fly above-
And feel.

I assure you-
Of the moment
That you are and-
You are not.

Now I see it,
Cause I’ve done it;
Now I do it,
Cause I did?

How much pain-
For silly pleasure?
Is it decades…
Is it just-

The other day?

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