A concept of Time-
Seasons, Minutes, Now.
Intertwined with Life-
Living: Breathe or die.

New days are on agenda-
Hopeful zeros, ones
And more…
Or maybe less?

‘Tis the season-
That brings outsets;
Joyful glow of-
Living flow.

Tearing torrents,
Fluffy flurries!
Scorching sun-
And wailing wind.

That’s the secret-
Of this chapter;
Why it lingers-
Very short.

No boundaries-
There are;
Except for here-
And short for now.

If you feel it,
You’re alive.
If you’ve failed,
It’s all already gone.

Constant promise-
Of a moment;
Once you look-
And then it flees.

Can you feel it?
Can you not?
Would you break apart-
And cry?

Be the rain-
The washing drizzle?
Be the breeze-
That touches and beholds?

Let me be it;
The promise that was made.
Let me feel it;
All the life I didn’t live.

It’s time-
Of living dreams.
It’s that moment-
We for long have overseen.

Let’s breathe upon-
The breeze that bring us joy.
Let us dare;
And dream away this spring.

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