Declutter my mind.
You’re music to my dance.
It’s you who makes me move-
To a song they never sang.

Every troubadour at home,
Sings a story, not been told.
Don’t you dare and make it null-
Their desires, all their hope.

You move beyond the moves,
That I’ve seen, that I have moved.
I’ve seen you, yes I have.
I just know it makes me glad.

Come help me sing,
The burden of this silence-
I cannot take,
It’s time to break.

You tell me that I am-
What I’m not, have never been.
Who I am is who I’ve been?
Or is it not?

A warm hug is all we need
One moment of “not I!”
We’ve lingered there
For long!

Your words…
Scrape away my soul
They burn!
They do corrode.

Your fear of ‘I don’t know’-
Does throw acid
On my face-
And on this fate.

What’s this curse upon your soul?
What’s this lie-
Of “no I’m not!”
Do you not know?

Our love is fading.
The passion’s lost.
It’s not the moment-
To depart.

Don’t you even for a second-
Think I love you any less.
It’s a promise that I made
The day I met your eyes of grey.

I’m lost for words.
I cannot write-
How I feel about this thing.
But I am.

I like your eyes-
Upon the look to you I give.
I like those lips-
That I’ve kissed & I have not.

This distance is okay
With you it’s safe;
Our back and forth,
Fading, finding ways.

Be it winter, prime of spring
Through the cycle’s up and down,
I ever shed, my brimming drops.

Man is always present here;
Every corner of the realm.
Ever breathing, ever feared,
Ever standing, though it hurts.

There’s magic through this verse
Something visceral reversed.
It’s no time now to dilute-
This luxury of touch.

That world beneath our souls,
That epoch which is lost.
Through a century of you,
Through millennia of I.

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