Is it you or is it you?
Oh it’s you, It’s you, it’s you!

It’s you who’s been still;
Soundless, hushed, serene!

It’s you who’s ever looked,
Who has noiselessly devoured.

It’s you who’s been in hiding-
Ever hiding something in.

It’s you who’s waited on;
I’ve been moving, will have gone…

The tales of passing by
Forgetting none, forgiving all.

That has never changed;
Even though have I. Have I?

Looks that pierce the heart,
Tremble soul as well as…Aaargh!

I need roar and bawl and clamor!
I shall scream away this torment-
And go BANG!

You think of you as mirrors,
Sunlit fields of golden glow?
Oh you fool!

You think of me as shattered glass,
Beneath your heels of “oh so sure”?
We know naught, oh no we don’t!

Just look at me!
Yes this is me;
I’m screaming off this hurt.

Just hear me bleed,
My blood is red.
And I’ve bled out, though I bleed.

It curdles and it pains!
Oh fuck you comfort zone!
Do let me go!

I need travel to another-
Land of ‘I don’t know’
This I’ve lived forever more.

I hear myself in awe.
I’m in pain, in ache! There’s more?!

Can I fly away the tears?
Do I saunter to your arms?
Is it not time?

Would I shed a few more drops?
Or clip my wings?
Or gouge my eyes!

But I’m not blind!
I’ve just dried up and can’t fly;
Believe me, that is all.


© Sina Saberi – 11 October 2014

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