Little Hiding Place



Last night at this party
I met someone just like you;
So deluded and confused,
A reminiscent of mysteries untold.

The kind of person-
Whose eyes do look at you
But whose self-
Just looks away.

Their look-
Does find you there
But your look-
Just makes them fade.

The kind of contact-
That’s momentous;
As if the rain.
It rains and then it stops.

Just like I would do with you,
Although not any longer!
I let them look;
For as long as they desired.

I made them smile-
And say those words;
Which I found-
Hard to believe.

But I believed,
I let me feel them,
The truth behind their eyes;
If only for a moment.

It felt good,
Just like with you,
Just like a dream
To which you cling, oh regardless!

The moments they deprive,
Are not mine to be desired.
The feeling that they keep,
Is only pain for souls that hide!

I am regardless of their pain
And yet I feel it, ‘tis insane!
I am not to be desired-
By souls of many lies.

And so I go into my hiding
I go into my hiding
And I hide.

© Sina Saberi – 27 August 2014

20 thoughts on “Little Hiding Place

  1. I was debating for a while now whether I should leave a comment or not and then I realized how ridiculous that debate was. So, rather than torturing myself with what-if scenarios, I’m writing this. I know I might seem mentally unstable at the moment! Just wanted to say thank you for this blog! It’s really refreshing to see someone take the time to produce such magnificent work. I ADORE your poems! Thank you for bringing beauty into this world 🙂

  2. For me your poem brings forth the concept of how ideas and fear disconnects us and eventually isolates us. The exact opposite of what we want, but its inevitable unless we allow ourselves to be seen, to see ourselves through others and through that truly allow ourselves to see and connect with others. Its an important sentiment to get out there! Thanks for sharing ❤

  3. we all look, react, and let go,
    not much differences it makes when we make huge changes to go for a gem…

    you have a fun view on interactions among people, a cool poem with fantastic imagery.

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