Sometimes you are scared, not appreciated. Sometimes you are not wanted. Yes you are unwanted. And you simply don’t know why.

Maybe they don’t know why either. Maybe they are uncertain as well. Do you ever explain about why you do and why you don’t? Well, do you or do you not?

Some have called this Karma. Whatever you want to call it, you won’t be able to deny the meticulous presence that is ‘action and reaction’.

For sure, they have their reasons for not wanting you, for pushing you aside, for disregarding you.

But it shouldn’t in any way matter to you; this is not your concern. Their reasons are regardless of your feeling of self-worth and of you, also.

You are free to un-want me, just as I have the right to leave you on your own. We are separate; it’s deliberate every action that we take. It’s called a choice.

When I’m me, this I forget and when I’m you, then I’m gone. Then I ache and feel pain; because it’s me for which I yearn.


This is what ‘Movement’ taught me.

© Sina Saberi – 23 June 2014

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