For Me

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If only were you here today-
I’d sing a song right now.

I’d hold a pen and pen away-
My fears, my tears, my joy.

I’d let them go; my many selves
At one I’ll be with all there is.

Were you here this very moment-
I’d lie and I would say:

Yes, I do lie. And so what?
I do that which I desire.

Not a single soul would dare-
To tell me how to walk.

I would jump & dance & bend
I would stare right to the end.

I would tell you if all I wanted-
Was a look upon my eyes.

You would know it if I needed-
Just one smile upon your eyes.

We would know it you and I-
If belonging were our hearts.

Our souls would be protected-
By a certain someone’s shield.

Our hopes & dreams abundant;
We would live through as we live.

We would say it, utter words-
That we felt we need to say.

We would touch just where we felt-
We needed it the most.

We could do all this and more-
Once we cross each other’s path.

If only present were we now;
If only were we not apart.

But you are me and I am you;
Oh we are seeking vicious circles!

You’re in there and I’m here-
But where have we both been?

Oh if only were you here right now…
I’d sing you songs of plenty

Here’s one though;
Just to make it through the day.

© Sina Saberi – 1 April 2014

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