One Last Wish



Be my words.
Do make me utter.
I’ve been silent for so long.

No complaints.
Silence is good;
It’s wisdom in disguise.

It’s been very long though,
You see.

Be my tears.
Do shed as I let go.
This draught of dried-up pain;
It has lingered for so long.

No fear of letting go.
It’s good to break apart;
It’s courage. Blatant will.

I might turn into a rock though,
Could I not?

Let me go.
Let me be.
Also take me once you flee.

No hate for being still;
Or any soul or anything.
It’s good to stand alone;
In one place, on your own.

But a mountain, I am not;
Or am I one?

Can I leave this place and be;
What I’ve ever longed to be?
Can I enter world of dreams;
And never be?
Forever free!

Be my silence;
Will you not?


© Sina Saberi – 18 February 2014

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