The Koan



By my side and in bed
How can you close your eyes?

Of real magic, world of dreams-
How can you that deprive?

Panic more than pain;
Have you ever felt that weight?

Your smiles, your eyes, the lies;
Of seven skies can you that veil?

The thunder ever strikes;
How reliable and real.

Can you be the lightning strike-
If dependent were your eyes?

Can you imagine, if-
Death you were awaiting every day?

Beside the window,
Every single day of Life

People enter, conjure ways-
Into your life, out of your sight

As the many ‘yous’ pass by-
I shall linger here, remain.

I am constant through the realm-
Of ‘nonexistent’, ‘ever fades’

I am here like ‘the change’
That ever flows, that ever fades

To be sinuous and free;
Unlike Poseidon and the trees

I seek one thing; that’s enough;
Solely one thing’s all I need.

Makes you wonder, does it not?
What that ‘one thing’ might’ve been?

It’s a promise to the cosmos;
One commitment to the soul

You shall never, ever know-
Unless you’ve died forever more.

It’s the pain beyond your pleasures;
It’s heavens beneath hell

It’s a promise, wondrous treasures;
Timeless bliss of glowing rays

It’s a present, ever present;
Does appease and fade your pain

Forever you’ll be free;
Of forever, when and where.

Of death, of gruesome fears;
Of shadows, screaming ache.

It’s a maze, your living daze;
It’s a labyrinth of hope.

You flow; never follow.
You seek until you find.

You know, once through the Koan;
You know, when you will know.


© Sina Saberi – 26 December 2013

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