The Distance



Night time was a favorite;
Time for land of flowing dreams

Early mornings filled with promise,
Sunlit fields of golden green

I thought you’d come to save me;
But my ‘savior’ you were not

The pleasures of a smile which-
Would emerge because of mine

That glow inside your eyes;
You remember how they sparked?

I do recall it very well;
Inside my soul it’s all engraved

But for you it’s not the same;
I can feel it, know its depth

Sleepless nights, dreading light
Are not for you though, you shall know

No, lonely I have been-
In your presence, through your lack

You just came so you could leave
Endless tales of misbelief

I just was and I have been-
For countless eras, on my own

But what’s this anger you behold?
Frightened demons of galore!

Whose tail do you keep chasing?
Monstrous ghouls, forever more

They don’t love you, don’t you see?
You don’t know you, can’t you see?

I’m the one who showed you things
Which you’d never ever seen

I’m the one who made you feel-
Something new, as well as real

It’s okay though, loving friend;
Our paths just had to cross

No strings attached and no harm done;
In this land of merging hearts

Was just a dream, only a dream;
All we thought there was, was not!

It’s time to see, it’s time to be:
The distance which there is


© Sina Saberi – 17 December 2013

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