A Window’s Suicide



Is it springtime, Summertime-
Are they falling; dancing leaves?

Is that fire that is lit-
On that corner where we sit?

Are those flurries by the window-
Breaking darkness of the night?

Is this you and me tonight-
Admitting all we keep inside?

Can you tell me if it’s true-
All this moment does behold?

Is this for real, or just a dream-
What this song of mine beholds?

I can feel your warming glow-
And can be what I have known

Through the randomness of days-
I yearn for rays, the shining rays

They are intertwined with hope
They shimmer hopelessness to joy-

As they visit me each day-
Right through the window who is coy

This window never lies though,
It exhibits things out there-

In the wilderness, outside-
My ever introverted soul

The window looks at me now;
I wonder if it sees-

All I have inside to show
All I am, that I can be

I wonder if it’s springtime;
Now tell me, is it not?

Have I lost myself again-
in the timelessness of days?

Dear window, ever-coy;
Am I still that little boy-

Or have I grown up just enough-
to be limitless and bold?

Do you think that I am ready-
Just to be what I shall be?

Do you see me as a someone-
Who has seen enough of this?

As a window, tell me this-
Do we ever cease to see?

Can we break apart and leave?
Can you crack away the pain?

Cause the rays, they ever shine-
Be it window or thin air

I’d rather be the air today-
That flows right through the rays

I’d rather be the current though-
Than a window that observes

Done observing for one lifetime-
It’s now time for me to be

Break away; do break apart;
Yes, I am ready to depart.

© Sina Saberi – 2 October 2013

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