Dark Smile



Do not tell me that you’re nice
I know what hides, that smile

Your darkness I have seen
In your shadows I have lived

I know about your spirit
I can tell, once you withdraw-

All the kindness, all the light
All the joys that you deprive

I can read beneath your eyes
I can see beyond your thoughts

Your desires, in your heart
All that malice aforethought

But you hide it with a smile
One that melts this heart of mine

You can feel it, what I want
And I hate that I don’t mind-

When you do it, all you want
To my yearning, longing spirit

You’re a liar and you sire-
All the spirits to your will

You have powers, certain magic
You use darkness to feel light

I can’t take it anymore
I am scared of you for now

I’ve been scared time and again
Now it’s time for me to go

You can’t have me anymore
No, I’ve packed my life to go-

Out of your life and your sight
Your black kingdoms of galore

I am leaving for the light-
Which you never dared to feel

You were lessons in disguise
For my ever-learning soul

Learn a lesson though, my love
Learn the lesson which was ME

© Sina Saberi – 1 October 2013

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