Killer Drums


In that distant land of sun,
There were valleys, hope-filled rays 

There were streams of liquid love,
Ancient stories, all on Life 

Children sang in every corner,
Sharing mysteries of joy 

Full of promise of a lifetime which-
Would keep as they’d grow old 

They were told that: ‘smiles, the sun & skies-
Would be theirs to cherish and to hold.’ 

They believed in rays, in glowing days;
In the innocence of bays 

But in that distant land of sun,
And through the bay, there came a day: 

Distant drums came through the bay,
So cacophonous and vile! 

They broke silence & came hither
They broke promises & more 

The children & their rays-
Were non-existent in one go 

Their joy, their smile, their hope
Did turn to ashes which then bled! 

The streams of liquid love-
Were still brimming, now with blood 

The skies were still aglow,
Not by daylight, but by fire 

The nights were filled with silence,
Not by calm, but through stillness

The mysteries of joy-
Were replaced by codes of terror 

The ancient stories, all on Life
Were given up for tales of fright 

This distant land of sun-
Was called a no-land, barren soil 

The setting changed, the colors faded
Guns eroded all that was 

That’s the story of a sun land which-
Drowned in war, right at the surface;

For no good reason to be told!

© Sina Saberi – 6 September 2013



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