Will you let me cry-
for as long as tears I had to shed?

Would you hear my pain-
for as long as ache this heart did bear?

Will you just be there-
for as long as needed was your presence?
not a single moment more!

Will you hear me when I’m lonely-
even though it’s not your pain?

Would you hold me, when i need it-
even though we’re poles apart?

Will you not be, when you needn’t-
be anywhere around?

Could you just vanish into thin air-
so our eyes would never meet?

I would love that, being free-
from both of us, shall we?

you could try that, could you please-
nonexistent, could you be?

Let’s try it now, my dear-
let you go and simply leave!

For you presence never was-
significant or real

For the present never was-
felt when you were near

Let go, you selfish self
let go, let never be!

I’m fine when you are gone-
be gone and let me be.

© Sina Saberi – 30 July 2013

2 thoughts on “Appease

  1. I have loved three whole days together and am like to love three more if it prove fair weather. Time shall moult away his wings ere he shall discover in the whole wide world again. Such a constant lover …
    Robert Herrick

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