Diversatile: A note to self



I look at me and I see you; I must say, oh I do like what you see;
I love the imprints you’ve laid upon me; it’s heartfelt what I see…


I want to dance upon my dare
On these dreary days of daze

What you’ve laid upon my eyes
It’s just a look; and yet it’s not

This world might be a dream
In which we walk upon our doubt

We swing along our hope
We shine along our love

The smoothness of this music
I’ve felt before in time

Another life, another time
Another universe of mine

This calmness of a touch
One that quenches and devours

This stillness of a glance
Upon eyes which have been lost

They’ve been found, time and again
But never yours and neither mine

Until this timelessness of ours
Which discovered us and died

Until this universe of ours
In which we drowned, went further up

It’s diversatile, this dream
Diversatile this dare

It’s diversatile this love
I’m aware this time around

This universe bestowed
Upon my heart, upon my soul

All the glory and the joy
That I’d kept from me and you

This cosmos gave of light
Through darkness realms of thought

It’s diversatile, this life
This light upon my might

Diversatile and right
Diversatile is right

Diversatile, my life
Diversatile survives…

© Sina Saberi – 19 May 2013

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