Someday soon you will survive; you’ll strive and let loose and embrace the beauty of freedom.

One of these days, joy, you shall encounter once more; bliss, you shall mingle with again.

The ache of a broken heart is overrated through the passing tears which you have already shed.

Your desert eyes still reminisce the presence of a cactus they once held at heart; and the cactus shall survive and be again; and it shall live again, the cactus.

Yes, and beauty you shall breathe once more; sorrow shall you never feel again; for you have known of the joy in ignorance, the pain in denial and the plague of poisoned thoughts.

You have known of the weary winds of repetition, the greed in doing none, the hollow shades of darkness that do captivate your soul.

You’ve been down in dumps of misbelief; the disbelief in life; you’ve been arrowed to directions, you had never really known.

All these arrows, all these lies, have made you stronger though, today; they have killed you and revived you into someone wiser though; they have put you on a mountain peak while giving you no hope, they have shown you of the cosmos, things you’d never ever known.

Vapid, tastelessness of days is non-existent, ever fades. Sun is shining, ever bright! We get out there to stop fighting; with the soul, with our existence, with our very many selves. It’s just a soul, it needs of light; it needs of loving, gentle might.

It needs no fright, your heart of gold; so don’t you try to be afraid! All of fear, of darkened mind, you dispose of just like that.

Perfect harmony of rays, all shall tingle through your days; love abundant, every corner you shall breathe.

Sometimes all you need is your solitude. A moment that could detach you from all you know; from all that ‘defines’ you every moment. There comes a  moment where you feel like you shall move and let go of all that ‘knows’ you; from all that you ‘think’ you know.

No one does truly define us; no moment does truly determine your fate in the ever-blowing breeze of life. We cannot be defined, labeled, expired or pushed.

Why am I doing what I am doing? Neither the thing you do, nor the moment does define you.

You are taking action; even though the action does not define you.

The trees, are-at times-on your left; but then there are times that the same trees appear on your right; this is the secret of Life…

© Sina Saberi – 3 February 2013

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