The Dandelion



So I wake up one fine morning
Awaiting world, a newer world

The end of yesterday at dawn
The very end of ups and downs

So I wake up just to be love
As I wake up this today

As I wake up just to be
Joy and happiness and free

But I wake up for tomorrow
I don’t wake up for today

Yesterday still does linger
Thought I’d wished for it to fade

So I wake up this fine morning
Wanting zest upon my day

But all the rest, also the same
Wanting same and fearing same

We’re not sane at all today
Nor coming days, nor yesterday!

This is madness we are facing
As we live through all our days

Recognition of a past
Resurrection of a morrow

Some attention through the world-
That has given us much hope

And we are hopeful every day?
Or deprived of shining rays?

We do wake up every morning,
Wanting freshness of a mist

We want remedies that heal
We want stories that exist

But is it seeking that we’re doing-
Wishful thinking, taking risks?

Do we know what we are feeling-
As we’re feeling every day?

Do we fear it, end of joy?
Do we leave it, what we’re told?

Or are we wondering, do we wander-
In the hopeful sense of life?

That’s existent, non-existent,
Ever fading with no strife?

We are living, we’re believing-
Every molecule of thought

We’re seeking all our thoughts
Hoping hearts have made them thought

We are leaving every day
For a world of no tomorrow

Every yesterday, ahead
We have left it at the door

So you wake up one fine morning
It’s not the end, there is no end!

It shall always be a day
For that who’s felt the rays

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