The Roundabout



Madness tames this heart of gold
All our lives, we’ve lived before

Through sadness of the heart-
From the past, one shall depart

In the darkest, most horrendous,
Vicious moments of the night-

For the sun light, bluest oceans
Sunlit motions, we make flight.

All emotion that’s been silenced by deceit
All retention that’s been kept right at the heat-

At this moment, they need be.
For one moment they shall leave.

Of The Circle do you know?
Through The Cycle, did you never ever go?

If you didn’t, you don’t know!
And if you did, you know, you’ll never know-

When it turns you upside down,
When it turns and moves around

What you know is of the pain
Yes, The Circles filled with ache

Your cloudy heart, does wish for rainy skies
Your desert eyes, do desire brimful stars

Wind, a dancing breeze, through your locks-
Is what you’ve yearned for, truly need.

Rays of scorching light upon your skin-
Is a thing you can believe, do really need.

And some movement, taking flight…
Going forward’s what you need.

You need to move, you need to leave
As does The Circles, you need breathe.

It’s time to leave, it’s time to leave!
There is NOTHING left behind.

Except for loops, except for hope-
Which is NOWHERE to be found.

Through yesterdays, abundant-
Which just linger every day.

Through yesterdays, resistant-
They persist on blocking rays

Through with yesterdays, today-
One shall leave, for the land of merging hearts.

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