Hoping Skies

I hate you coming war!
You’re the one thing I despise

You’re the meaning of despair
You are hatred in disguise

I shall loathe you all the time
For all the love that you deprive

You’re the voice of all denial
You’re the sound of all that’s gone

We are victims of your pride
We’re destructed in your fire

We’re the lonely ones at bay
Of all that’s lost into your way

We do hate you coming war!
We’re disgusted by the scar-

That you scratch and scratch away
As you rumble on our hearts

We are tired of all tension
Of your sulfur, of you tar!

So leave us, set us free
From all your lousy beats

We’re in dire need of light
We’re in love with coming peace

Do leave us hateful war-
We’re in need of hopeful skies

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