Loathsome Labyrinth


I’m not silent; I still speak. These are my words you do hear; though intently you don’t listen; No; that you stopped eras before. It’s a given, we all know…

I am shouting.
You don’t understand.
But I already know that.
I’ve given up long ago.

Not given up; I’ve just accepted the very simple fact that you simply cannot understand, you just do not possess this ability; and it is okay: I get it; you only don’t get it; it’s fine, really!

I am screaming.
You don’t hear me.
But I’m well aware of that.
I’ve lost hope quite a while back.

Not lost hope; I’ve just given up in that shimmering ray of light which would represent your potential of being awake, non-blind. You merely are close-minded, dead. It’s alright; I’m okay with that; that’s just how you want to be!

I am dying.
You don’t care.
But I’m certain you just can’t.
I’ve decided to let go.

Not of you; neither of life. just of this never-ending pain and ache which the countless many YOUs are inflicting every single day; not on me, but on this whole cosmos who would-if it could-probably shout, scream and die, hoping that all this pain would finally let go. The many YOUs that have long been lost in this labyrinth which they have hallucinated into existence and have been wandering through without even wondering, pondering for a fleeting moment WHY… The many YOUs that lie to me each day; that lie to ME each day, as they pass the recurring corners of this maze; without EVER being amazed; without EVER wanting to feel, what’s so real; all there is to feel and ponder WHY… why oh why?!

3 thoughts on “Loathsome Labyrinth

  1. well sometimes, when you create something, you deliberately or unintentionally add some of your own features (read flaws) into it as well….

      1. i honestly can’t remember! i must have been heavily influenced by some current of emotions or thoughts when i read your piece for the first time…but now, i don’t know! 😀

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