Are you a dream? Are you a lie?
Is this for real? Once more I dream?

I have been inside this cage,
And I’ve left it all behind

I have seen beyond the rage
And I’ve felt it all inside

Just go, before it’s late;
Do leave, it’s gotten late!

Are you a kiss? Upon my lips-
Are you a romance that slips?

I have kissed those lips before
It has slipped, my heart of gold

Go, leave me! Let me be;
I’ve been hurt once and again

Just go, selfish I am!
And you have overstayed my pride!

Am I awake? Am I alive?
Or have I dreamt once more in time?

Is this for real? Or just a dream-
What I’ve lived through day and night?

I have seen this scene before
It has left me none but hope

So I cry away the tears
As I stay awake the dark

Yes, I stay; you’re free to go
I have left this place before

I have lived this life before
I have dreamed this dream and more…

© Sina Saberi – 14 September 2012

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