The Unsaid



From left to right I limp
I stumble, I don’t fall

One moment I’m a teacher
as I preach it, every word

And then I let go and I’m gone
a politician I am now

A daring diplomat I am
who dictates and then decides

The next day I fall in love
I call it lust, I call it love

A moment’s gone, I’m left behind;
twenty thousand years gone by

And I’ve lived my dream alive
and I’ve died inside my heart

yes, I stumble all the way
I am dreary, I seek the rays-

That those sunlit skies bestowed
upon my heart, upon my soul

Through the darkness of red lights,
this very moment’s in disguise

All these lights I see at night
I cannot touch, they’re passing lights

Passing shadows of my doubt
passing moments of my life

Passing moments of much change
of bigger change, of bitter change

Like the change that comes from death
like the death that brings us change

Your death did really change me
It did bring us much of life

It told us many stories
through the silence of our hearts

Stories, many tales
All untold, I wish we’d told

All those stories buried down
buried deep inside our hearts

Your story was on Life
but you told it once you died

You never really died though;
you just dared and passed us by

© Sina Saberi – 29 August 2012

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