The Light


Sometimes I feel like all my dreams are replaced with a single moment of doubt.

Sometimes life stops and you realize you haven’t been breathing for such a lengthy moment.

There are times you feel your pain has been there so long that it has turned into a hard piece of rock which would-if it could-tell many stories;

Instead, it only cracks and fills you with more silence; less words, no words.

And sometimes, when all light has seemed to have failed, when all you can see is darkness and loss, pain and sorrow, then all of a sudden you are embraced and enwrapped in the loving arms of nature, in the warm embrace of the light of the universe.

It feels so serene, so peaceful and warm; you feel such love. That single moment of calm, you wish would last forever.

It just might, because there is no forever. It all happened in a single moment of sorrow…or a single moment of joy.

Everything happens precisely as it should; through a single moment of life.

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