Break the rules; let’s fly. Come let there be no boundaries. Probably on one of those seven days of creation, the creator either did or wanted to say those words just as he uttered things like ‘let there be light’ or ‘let there be love’. Yes, he definitely did.

They tell us to fight in this fight that they have created out of Life. They call it war and they give us the title: Warrior, that is, IF we are ever ‘good enough’.

This is no war; this is only Life. We are no warriors; but only children, little souls. We are here to live Life and never fight it. It might feel like we are fighting for Life, but Life offers no chivalry; Life speaks of no hostility; Life merely is.

Life happens every moment that we are not aware; as well as every single moment that we are. It offers only one thing: Being Alive.

Our true intention is the one that rests at heart; the one that knows not of any misconceptions, limitations and lies. Our true intentions are those which are regardless of our selves; of our disguises, our masks. Our true intentions are those of the heart; they are aliens to the mind.

What are we fighting for? What are we dreaming? Which nightmare are we living through as we are dying every day? Which joy are we after in the darkest place of self? Are we after what is not there? What is lost? Or are we seeking something nonexistent and obscure? Or is it both? Or is it all and we just know it very well?

Let there be happiness and light; let there be darkness and the fright which it holds as it fades through the shadows of the night. Those words must have been uttered sometime, somewhere in this cosmos, in this world. Perhaps out there it’s been said and it’s lingered evermore.

Break the rules, let there be no walls, no reasons for a fight, no intention to stop; no repulsion on the side. Because it’s life we are all after; it’s not a fight. It’s illusion we’ve been seeking, let’s open eyes and see that light that they call Life. let’s break the rules today, let’s die.

© Sina Saberi – 17 August 2012

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