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All that is truly yours, nobody can ever steal from you; no, you shall never be robbed of what you rightfully possess.

Yes, indeed you do have the support of the universe; because the cosmos is well aware of the fact that we are all fools who are constantly dangling over boiling lava.

Yet we keep walking on that rope, unaware of the fact that it’s only a rope extended through oblivion and loss. We walk and at times we even run into the abyss that we have learnt to call life.

Because we believe that all that is truly ours, can never be stolen from us. We rely on the power which the light of life has bestowed upon us and we believe in it and we keep walking on that rope; because we do not believe in falling down, be it boiling lava or fluffed clouds of bliss.

We jump for joy on our rope; we dangle above danger and dance around our dread and we dare to be that soul who can’t ever be called dead.

Yes, we dream around our discontent and dare to be content; where all that we have hoped for has vanished into tears. There’s a moment we call happiness, a second we call bliss; a fragment free of disbelief, a feeling: being free.

So we know of it, of freedom. We breathe it, it’s called life; we have suffered pain, we have been in ache; we have intertwined with agony; but the universe is fair…


Whatever’s truly yours, can never be stolen from you.

No, whatever’s truly yours, is yours and simply yours.

© Sina Saberi – 7 July 2012

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