As I wake to every morning
I can feel that loving light

As I walk through every day
I can feel that I must fight

My desires or the loss
Of all that’s lost; of all inside

Light retires every night
As I lie, am out of sight

Light recovers through the night
As I lie; say I’m all right!

But I’m not so very true
I’m like all of us; like you

I’m a wanderer, a thief
I’m a bandit on the reef

I can kill you, give you love
It can feel like I’m a dove

Who’s ever hopelessly beyond-
Who is forever doomed to fly!

I’m that shadow through the night
Who’s ever black, Who’s filled with Lack

But even shadows turn to light
And have their black turn into bright

Yes, they fight, they fight with light;
Till they’re intertwined with might

They’re not shadows any longer-
Shadows doomed to follow light

They are strangers, they’re avengers
Who have learnt to make a fight!

Yes, they wake up every morning
Just to breathe that loving light

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