Vulnerability of Doubt

An open mind, as I have learnt through so much pain, is a very vulnerable mind. It is just as receptive as it is exposed to, well basically everything and that’s just as much as an asset as it is an ailment, really.

With an open mind, you see, you always strive to understand all that’s out there to be understood; even those things that are not necessarily to be understood. At some point; your mind becomes so understanding, that it understands a little more than necessary, more than you really need to handle.

The many mysteries of life, those truthful streams of biting truth, unravel one by one through that very open mind and leave you in a state of awe, a state of uncertainty where you begin to question even more all that’s left out there to be questioned. And that’s where you float: where life takes a deep breath and you won’t know when it would let go and exhale.

An open mind learns to endure, tolerate and keep calm; all so that it can survive to exist; because you see, an open mind can’t ever go back to being anything but an open mind; and therefore once open, there’s no turning back; only one turning point after the other, causing an ever-expansion, occurring by the second, through eternity.

Is there any pleasure involved, you ask? Well, not really. I mean it’s basically either a matter of wanting to be different or just accepting the fact that you simply are and surrendering at some point. They say those who succeed in the end are the ones who eventually manage to embrace that being different, that sense of being ‘unique’.

But it goes without saying that there are certain pleasures involved as well; I mean there have to be, in order for this cosmos to still be turning on the right path. Except, of course, if this world has indeed come to a halt somewhere without any one of us noticing, trapped in some vacuum out there; floating in many a labyrinth of thought.

An open mind: an endless lack. All things that shall never fill that void where much emptiness is felt, with every breath, with every second, with every moment of this lifetime which has lingered forever and only left us with more of the same void, same lack, that same sensation of lingering and stretching into oblivion.

Now, those random moments of pleasure…those flickering minutes of heat, where all thought fails to exist and where only being filled with something unknown of, but definitely heard of and positively felt, that’s all that this world has come to for now; only a few fleeting moments of pure pleasure and none else.

3 thoughts on “Vulnerability of Doubt

  1. Sina jan jaleb bood
    faghat ye chizi man paragrafe 4 va 6 ro dorost motevajeh nashodam mishe begi che chizi ro mikhasti begi?
    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

    1. valla tozihesh ke khob kheili rahat nist ama basically paragraphe 4 mige: yek zehne baaz dige hich vaght nemitune be aghab bargarde va baste beshe. paragraphe 6 ham mige dar eyne hal ke hameye in dard haa vojood daran yek seri lezat hast ke khob hast…

  2. ahan kheiliiii mamnoon
    hala benazaret beyne adame roshanfekr (intellectual) va open mind fargh hast?
    yani tarifet az roshanfekram hamine?

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