No Dreams

I dreamed of dreams I’ve ever had
It was midday as I lied

I dreamed of me, my many dreams
All of which had never been

Through fever of the mind,
In through the bitterness of mouth

I saw it for one moment,
All that never really was:

The laughter of that woman
The content on my own lips

I felt it, all she looked for
All she wanted for herself

Her happiness so small,
So unlike mine: very broad

The look of interest from me
That look of happiness from her

Oh how I loved to see her smile
Cause it had been such a while

But you know one thing so true;
Something true for me and you?

It’s that big or small it’s real,
All that’s never really been!

Through impossible we dream
Of better dreams of many dreams

But we’ve never really seen
Where we’ve been in all those dreams

No, we’ve never really been
What we’ve seen in all those dreams

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