One Short Abyss

Don’t kiss me when you’re drunk
Let’s kiss when we are sober

Do feel me when you’re high
When you’re down, so far beyond

I can see you when you’re not-
Nowhere around, nowhere at all

I do feel you when you’re gone
So far away, right here I’m drawn

What’s our story? What’s this tale?
Of something real and yet unreal-

What’s your take on aimless games?
Of fearless aims, of endless realms-

How can I miss you, if we haven’t-
Ever been ‘a thing’ at all?!

Why do I see you every second?
With my eyes shut, with my heart gone-

How should I leave you, knowing this?
That we haven’t even kissed!

And yet you make me feel like this?
Just like a kiss; one short abyss!

10 thoughts on “One Short Abyss

  1. It is a story of one of those unfortunate, lopsided relationships, that seems to be all too common, judging from the comments you do have. Personally, I also think your title alone is so strong, that it would draw lots of readers, if they were hovering over your rally entry in the list, as I did.

    I, too, have experienced similar feelings to those expressed in your poem, and feel you got them across quite well.

    My rally entry is at:

    1. Thanks Elaine, I also love this title and quite honestly this poem is a very personal one but at the same time I believe quite universal.Thanks for taking the time and leaving this amazing comment : )

  2. kheiliiiiiiiiiii khoob bood merci por az ehsas!!!!
    man englisim ziad khoob nist vali bazi az neveshtehatoono kamel motevajeh misham sitetoon baes mishe englisim taghviat she 🙂

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