Foaming Froth


Edible or not;
I’m your hazel affogato

Drinkable or hot;
I’m your caramel macchiato

You will gulp me up one day
To that very final drop

You will drink me up someway
Till you’re down with me on top

I will squeeze you like a plum
You will juice up off my palm

I will hold you up inside
You will beg for going down

But you wouldn’t have a clue
All I’d do; only to you

Till you lay it, take it off
All except your daring side

Then we’ll cook some,
Bake some love

We’ll devour it while it’s hot
do not wipe it off your mouth

All that froth, that foaming froth;
That froths from falling down…

© Sina Saberi – 7 September 2012

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