Let me tell you tales of plenty;
Of wisdom and of words

Of many wishes, many hopes
None of which had ever bud

Let me tell you of a lifetime,
Where ever-after never lasts

Where repetition and cliché
Are transfused but never pass

Where ever-hopelessly we walk
In this world; the endless paths

Let me tell you of tomorrow;
Of a lack much filled with black

Of a gradient of colors,
Which are doomed to be stacked

Come take this hand;
Moment’s at hand

Let me dare you to a touch
Let me kiss you to abyss

Let me dance you to a dream
Let’s then dare to make it real

Let me feel it, lift you up
With the wholeness of a touch

Let me look into your eyes
And we might go beyond the stars

Into a universe of light, where
Nothing fades except our pain

Let me tell you while I’m silent
Let me show while I’m dumb

I can feel you; I can feel it
All you’ve ever longed to feel

You can find it, you can feel
Just as long as you let live

You can think it, you can be
All you’ve never dared to be

You can see it, you can live;
That you’ve called your destiny

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