How Maddening is spring;
How very mindful have I been!

I’ve been mindful, but spiteful
Despite my rightful means.

How displacing, ever changing;
Much negation’s been observed.

I’m going crazy; please amaze me;
I’ve been dizzy through this maze

It’s not a maze; it’s only haze
But, for long it’s filled my days

But there’s a drizzle; one that puzzles
One that intertwines with light

The sky is heavy; but it’s happy
For the light that’s made it light

It drizzles, something soothing
Something purifies and lights

So I’m ready to deprive you
Of a something you much loved

And I’ve learnt it, every lesson
All they taught me; many souls

Souls that hurt me, ever brutal
But inside, I ever loved!

Now I know; it’s so exquisite
Very rare and so unique

It is me who can’t be had;
it is you who has to yearn

Of myself I will deprive
Every single one of you!

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