Drizzly Dare


How soothing- So very soothing
The windowpane- This sweetest rain

How moving- Oh very moving!
The moving car- This cloudy hour

How gruelling- It’s so deluding
All the mornings- Without rain

So much oozing- All brooding
All the thoughts- They speak of pain

But where is pain? It’s just the rain
The soothing, Moving rain

This cloudy hour- Nothing sour
All you wish for- In your heart

The sweetest smell- The softest sense
Tastes, so very- Delicate

The most appeasing- Somehow teasing
Nature’s magic- All that tempts

Simply breathe it- You can feel it
All you’ve ever- Dreamed to be

7 thoughts on “Drizzly Dare

  1. I love to stand in the rain and take a deep breath and let in the scent of damp earth and that fresh rain smell. Makes me feel like I’m right in the middle of something being created. While it rains the ground and all the plants greedily guzzle the life giving water, then when the rain finally and gently fades away they proceed to show everyone their beauty.
    Loved it. Be blessed.


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