Living Life is a quality;
There’s no method;
Don’t waste ways.

Being Alive is a Reality;
Don’t look in books
It’s through your days.

In and out we breathe
To feel the breeze;
Let’s feel at ease.

In awe we scream:
Cause “all is mean!”
What do we mean?

Such pain do we endure!
Much shame in such galore
We close them, every door.

But Living Life is a quality
No regrets;
Nothing to learn

Feeling alive is very easy;
It’s through the rays;
They conjure Days.

You look at this;
This very now;
No tomorrow’s at the door.

You feel the bliss
Of this abyss;
None of sorrow can you hold.

Just feel Alive
Just Live your Life
Nothing’s worth it; Nothing Fades

Just be the Life
And be Alive
None of joy is ever lost!

© Sina Saberi – 14 March 2012

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