A Requiem in Disguise

Tonight your ended your life boy. You ended a life which you no longer found worth living perhaps. What was your pain boy? What were you feeling in that final moment when you ever-blatantly took the courage to take the plunge and let go? From far above you dove into the darkness through the abyss of oblivion, you jumped? Who pushed you or what? You only needed a savior, a force to hold unto. Perhaps a pair of loving arms, an embrace to be held in; yes, that’s all you ever needed: a mind that would get you, a heart that could love you, eyes which would look into yours and see beyond all the confusion, beyond all the uncertainty and doubt, so that they could see you for who you truly were boy. That’s all you needed; you were filled with the love of the universe; yes, you were nothing short of that love; cause you could laugh, you would smile, you would be there, feel safe and at ease more than anyone, if only for few fluttering seconds.

What made you do it then? Rarely are we truly understood; this has ever been a pain for mankind; for all of us indeed. Was your pain that much? Did it hurt as much as that?

Somehow I might know what you longed for; there might be a chance I could get it, why you did it: you felt like you had to leave; because you never found it here, your peace of mind. Did you know where you were going? Had you made it up, your mind, beyond all up and down? Will you get there, where you should? Did you feel like letting go?

Whatever feelings that you felt, I can never ever know; just like no one ever knew: who you were and when you’d go.

May you find the peace you ever-desperately sought; the one you never found here; elsewhere I hope you do. May you start living your life far from this land where circumstances deprived you of it.

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