Frozen Dry

This is the hour I step into this world…of course at this point I cannot stand on my feet and therefore cannot walk, so I might have overstated a little bit…

This is the hour I come into this world…now from where, I’ll never know…

They say it matters not where you come from, and neither does it matter where the destination is. So, basically what they say is, it only matters where you are, at any given moment…the same old story about how it’s all about the path, the journey, the pilgrimage…

But there are moments, you just don’t know! Moments where all you can think of is how the slightest of an idea you lack where you are standing; forget about knowing where you’re headed….

I need to know where this is, where I am, who I might’ve become and what it all might’ve formed into…

I also need to…well, forget about what I might need; cause who has ever truly cared about that? Who does ever care what you might truly need anyhow?

It’s very cold, I shiver as I cling to minute moments of warmth, reminiscing particles of passion I now only can long for…and they have been there; but have I truly lived them once they were at hand? Makes me wonder more than ever…

My heart, like the sky, anticipates and awaits something purifying from way above…perhaps then it shall only try to recapture moments which have made it all worth it somehow…

The savior inside has gone into a haze of purpose-less dreams which are dreamt continuously…on end…when it shall once more be awaken is something I do not know…but it might happen today.

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