The more you give to me, the more grows this void inside of me and the more you destruct and devour, the more I’m filled with satisfaction, am pleased.

The more I let you fill me with your passion, the more of that passion I can feel, the more of that passion I burn with desire for; my soul goes high.

The more I let go of my many doubts and shadows, the more I give that real me the chance to emerge and capture your heart, your touch and your many dreams and desires; then you can’t stop; then I’m far gone…

But the more you get inside, gets all that harder to keep it all inside, you see…

You have to either keep moving or stop where you are; I’d prefer that we stop every so often, so that I can see who I once was in through the depth of your eyes…so that you can look through my heart and find those feelings I keep very close…So that you can look through and see how real this could be…

The more I try to recapture the essence of our “je ne sais quoi”, the more it fades out, outwards, far through the depths of this cosmos we know of; it paces through non-existence and flows beyond our imagination and travels far above our perception…

A disposition so delicate through the back of my mind, the core of my heart and the layers of my soul is the only thing that lingers…

THAT I cannot possibly ever let go of; cause…the more I try, the more, this I realize….

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