Raining Pain

My conversations with the rain
Are always filled with so much pain

Our tears do fall on one another
One from above, mine from the heart

The rain does never feel it
It’s just a feeling; but I can feel it

It’s just a panic, one dusty attic
Which I’ve held on to for long

The rain though, ever falls down
Never stays up there for long

The rain is cold, the rain is wet
This rain has never been upset

But I have been, time and again!
Yes, I have seen my eyes of pain

The rain has told me many times;
How nothing stays, how all is gone

But I mustn’t think like that
No, I could never be like that!

I’m not the rain; that can you see?
I’m filled with pain; that can you feel?

So I don’t care for scattered drops
Cause all I’ve got are scattered thoughts

The rain is here; once more it falls
My pile of sorrow’s at the door

All I wish for is just one thing
That I go in; close that door!

I would look inside the windowpane
And talk with rain…to ease the pain

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