Your “Behind”

How many times did you deprive us-
Of those kisses that we missed?

From these lips, upon your lips
You deprived us of that kiss.

How many times did you go hiding-
From that touch our heart beheld?

From those hands, upon your body
You did hide from all of that.

How much love did you deceive-
Through confusion of the mind?

Oh I gave you enough love;
And I were there through the night-

Where ever-hopelessly you lied;
Next to me, but not beside.

All I saw was your behind;
yes, I loved you from that view…

From behind, always behind;
All I longed for were your eyes.


16 thoughts on “Your “Behind”

  1. Wow, wow, wow…. Impressive selection of words to flow… Seductive!!! However, the love that seemed hidden was clearly shown as each word follows… Great piece of writing..

    Hi there, found you from the Poet Rally site..

    Oh yes, Happy New Year 2012.. Am glad to drop by your site.. Hope to see you around.. 🙂 Cheers!

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