You lied to me one day; this, today I realize!
You lied to me that day, with love were filled your eyes

You hid the truth that day; my hands so cold you held
You lied to me that night; our bodies, lips so tight

Remember you that night? Lying next to me, that sight?
Remember you my eyes? All they’d look into, your eyes?

All I felt was just your love; all you touched was just my heart
I let you ravish me, devour; that’s what you do, in love…

You made it seem so very real; so intense and all surreal
I let you be, so very free; so at ease and all appeased…

Today I feel it, your look that night, today I get that touch
That look of mere emptiness; your lustful, shallow gaze

Confused you were, confused at heart; oh I forgot! Which heart?
At ease I was, at ease inside; that’s right! Inside my golden heart

I tried to seek that love inside; your chest, your hollow chest
Inside your eyes my love I sought; inside your mirror shields

It was my touch that meant something; your heart would never give!
It was my heart that felt something; your hands do never give!

Today I know you lied to me; it matters none at all!
For you’re the one who’s left alone; I still can have it all!

12 thoughts on “Departure

  1. It felt like you were badly hurt, but the last two lines can mean that you are truly strong, or that it was pure bravado. I would like to interpret it as the latter. That would make your poem even more touching!

    1. Well in fact, i was hurt but perhaps not as much as u think i was. Mostly i was trying to express the possible guilt of the other person…uh abOut your other assumption, bravado or not, id like to think myself as brave…or at least my heart as a brave one. In any case, thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. Really appreciated it!

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