Let Live


If some doctor were to tell me
That I couldn’t have a baby
Will it hurt me? Will it pain?

If an expert were to tell me
That I couldn’t have a family
Will it make me go insane?

If a person were to tell me
Of some coming loveless nights
Will it make me filled with rain?

Something’s falling from the sky
It’s not rain and it’s not hail
It’s not tear drops; I won’t feign!

As it pours though, this  I hear:
“Your dreams will you hold back?
There’s desire; you’ll take lack?!

Since I’m wiser than a mad man
Though I’m crazier than mad,
I just look up and I chant:

What I know today, I’ve felt
So don’t tell me: “You don’t know.”

What I feel today, I’ve lived
So don’t say: “You cannot feel.”

 Cause I live through what I feel
And I feel what I can live

You can leave me
Let me L I V E
. . .

18 thoughts on “Let Live

  1. okay! this was by far my favorite poem by you!!!! i wanna even go as far as calling it your best work….but i know you will prove me wrong by your next work!
    I’ve been reading it everyday since you posted it in my reader, and it’s uplifting every single time!!!!
    finally i managed to come here and comment on it!

    1. oh wow! thanks 🙂 this means a lot…I’m so glad U enjoyed the poem…well…actually to be quite honest with you, this is one of my personal favorites!!
      Thanks Again

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