Hopeful Remedies

Of Satisfaction let me speak
Let me tell you how it feels;
To be that love inside you hold;
Inside your very soul

Let me speak of tenderness of May
In that sweetness on the plane
Where I hold it sweet and nice
Your hand inside my heart

How happy have I been;
On this turn of century
So very suddenly
I’ve found me; this is me!

Let me tell you about love
About passion,
About gods…
About warmth of loving hearts

Let me tease you with a scent
Let me hold you and caress
Let me touch, You’ll never know
Let me do it: Take control…

Through lacks, the many lacks
Let me lift you, fill you up
With that love inside of me
That heat that brims from heart

They say I hold much love…
Let me give you some of that!
As well as that, just let me be-
What I’ve truly ever been!

Of satisfaction let me speak
And of hopeful remedies
Cause these remedies could lift-
Your stained, My shattered heart.

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