Sordid Ikebana

I dream of decisions to be made; I dare to dream of a reality so rare that even the rarest of the rare could not dream of, eyes open or closed.

Through the melancholy of a season filled with tragic truce, there’s only a symphony playing on the side of this place I’m in; the one which is nowhere to be found.

Of many maddening encounters which I’ve had to be a part of, there have been a few, quite overwhelming to the mind of the ordinary, that of the obvious.

My heart might’ve been a sole survivor in this tragedy of soundless dreams which in itself has lost track of that hair-thin line that does distinguish things of the known and that of the unknown.

Through a realm where reality has ceased to be, where dreams have given into sordid recollections of a very scattered mind, that’s where my soul has so often travelled; most of the time knowing very little of the scarce possibilities of a safe return.

Accompanied by the many velveteen delicacies of an ever-brimming joy only, has this heart ever managed to remain hale; for even the most gallant of cardiac organisms have at times failed to pump the red matter where they should, upon facing such complexity.

Today, I have managed to make a decision which has long longed to be made; into one certain reality which in itself is only a mere potential of the numerous cosmic realities to be realized; to be lived.

The decision speaks of reality; of the things which would matter in that world that we truly have ever lived in; on that planet earth so near where many dreams have ceased to be; where many of us have ever remained mere potentials and none else; that’s where many decisions are to be made.

If not today, perhaps tomorrow; if not yesterday, perhaps right here, right now. Let’s arrange something; although it might not seem like the right thing to do.




3 thoughts on “Sordid Ikebana

  1. Like when creating an Ikebana you have to be careful how you arrange the flowers and if they’re compatible with each other, like this we sometimes think if the dreams and the decisions we let in are the right to live with us, if the dream will walk along cheerfully with the decision that lies ahead … but if it was much easier than it is, life wouldn’t be as wonderful as it is! I love the way you display your thoughts, open enough to entertain the reader and still private enough to keep your heart and soul safe 🙂

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